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Weekend Reading: Hipsters, Brand Conversations & Content Consumption

by Matt on February 05, 2011

We’re starting a new trend here on the Proof blog – recapping some of the best and most interesting reading from around the web and putting it together in a neat little package every Saturday morning for you to enjoy. Because, what’s better than grabbing a cup of coffee (or in Rob’s case Hot Cocoa) and catching up on some good reading material? Enjoy…

  • Quora for Business: Not Social Media Hipsters: Outspoken Media does a great job of breaking down the business benefits of Quora, the Q&A social network, citing huge potential for market research, idea development, and lead generation.
  • Millennials and Brands: The Stories Go On and On and On: In this informative article, Carol Phillips writes: “In the age of social media,  ’brand’ stories are no longer confined to the ‘marketplace’ but are now part of culture, both high and low.” – We couldn’t agree more. Effective brands understand that the key isn’t to simply market themselves, but to become ingrained in the culture of their users.
  • Are you a content consumer or creator? Brian Solis shares some wisdom into the balance between content creation and consumption (and why their must be a balance of both in a thriving social economy). A question he poses: Are we (again) moving to an era of consumption? What do you think?
  • Cool tool of the weekCss3 Generator: This handy tools allows you to generate CSS3 code for things like transitions, drop-shadows, etc. A very handy tool for those web designers and developers out there who quickly want to generate a cool style or effect.

Read something good this week? Share the wealth in the comments below!

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  1. Sam Davidson says:

    So glad you found a hobby for your Saturday mornings besides watching Pinky and the Brain on Hulu.

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